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Beloved Pillow Case...⠀⠀

Beloved Pillow Case...⠀⠀

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"Beloved" Pillow Case

60% Combed Cotton

40% Polyester

250 T

Size: 31" x 19"

Processing time: 1-4 business days 


YOU ARE GOD’S BELOVED. Beloved means to be dearly loved. And to be loved by God has nothing to do with what you can do for Him or how “good” you are- it’s based on who He is. He is the God of love. .

God isn’t defined by us, we are defined by Him. It’s a pretty wild thing to think about, how inconsistent and back and forth we often can be and yet God never changes. He is never moved by our mistakes. Nothing we can do can separate us from Him because His love never fails! .

Friend, you belong to Him. When Jesus looks at you, He sees beauty. He sees a life that is filled with promise and a destiny filled with power. He doesn’t see a broken beat down human, but rather He sees a hope carrier, an overcomer- a human that is dearly loved and known💛 you are His beloved. Don’t forget it!

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