No Season Is Ever Wasted Journal

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"No Season Is Ever Wasted"



130 lined pages

Matte finish


GOD👏🏼WASTES👏🏼NOTHING👏🏼. I cannot tell you enough stories where what felt little, insignificant or meaningless in one season, was actually to prepare me for something beautiful in a future season. .

We tend to forget that God sees the WHOLE picture. He doesn’t just see from season to season, He sees from generation to generation. So even in the times where you feel like you haven’t moved forward in the natural-let me encourage you to keep your heart steadfast because God IS moving! .

At the end of the day, what matters most is what He’s building inside of you rather than around you. God is more concerned about who you are than where you’re going. .

So friend, if your feeling a bit unsure of your current season, or just left with more questions than answers- I encourage you to stay steadfast. Keep leaning into the Lord. Believe and trust that He has gone before you to prepare a way. Keep running to the word of God and let it be a lamp unto your feet. And believe with everything in you that NO season is ever wasted💛

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