Poster: Breathe in Joy

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"Breathe in joy, embrace unknowns, look for adventures, find beauty in the little things, laugh often, fight for community, believe in miracles." 

 24" x 36" art poster 

192 gsm matte paper 

Hanging banner wood option available (please select) 

1-5 days processing time


It’s the little reminders in life that can create significant moments! This little mantra came to me last year and it’s been a constant reminder of things to believe for and declare✨.

For me the line that stands out is “find beauty in the little things”. I think it’s easy sometimes to think only big exciting things are what create the most memorable moments- but I’ve learned that it’s all about perspective and what we value. The truth is- God is in the small moments and often hides the most beautiful treasures in them. It’s in the mundane, everyday ordinary things that make up most of our life and if we can SEE all of that through His lens, oh man, we’d see so much more beauty all around us. .

Rather then always anticipating the next thing or dreaming about the future, take a step back to see what is NOW and what beauty is in the current moment. God is in it- and He Himself is beauty. .