Large Poster: God&
Large Poster: God&
Large Poster: God&
Large Poster: God&

Large Poster: God's Presence Is...

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“God’s presence is welcome here”


192 gsm matte paper

White background with black lettering

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I’ve always admired Moses. The fact that led a MASSIVE group of people through the desert trying to get to the promised land (pretty big responsibility) and still had a burning desire for God’s presence to be with them amazes me. .

Moses knew that God’s presence is what separated them from the rest of the nations. Even after God offered to send an angel before them to go into the promised land and defeat their enemies (which would sound like a great deal for most people), Moses was not having it. He told God not to send them to the promised land if His presence wasn’t with them, which probably moved God’s heart big time. Moses knew that being in a promise without God’s presence wasn’t worth the promise at all. He knew that in that place true freedom, true living, real peace and deep intimacy was available only with God. .

I don’t know about you, but reading stories like that in the word stirs up my spirit! The beautiful truth is that there is no separation between us and Him. Because of Jesus, the veil was torn and now we all have complete access to God and His presence. .

Whenever you’re at in life, I encourage you to pursue His presence. It’s in that place that everything changes💛🙏🏼